Explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam has inspired artists and designers for ages. Names like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Steen, Mondriaan and Berlage come to mind. From the Golden Age to the present day, design has played an important role in the city’s prosperity. During the conference, there will be two nights for you to explore Amsterdam. You may want to extend your stay to take in all inspiration Amsterdam has to offer.

Amsterdam as a creative hub

Amsterdam is a melting pot of design and creativity. It’s Europe’s creative hub. A place where internet, media, gaming and advertising talent comes together.

Amsterdam is a place of excitement and inspiration for creatives of all stripes. Thousands make their living in the creative industries. This city has the highest number of creatives per square meter in the world. This includes designers, photographers, art directors and architects.

Dutch Design defined

Dutch design is minimalistic, functional and rational with little ornamentation. Form follows function is the leading mantra. Dutch design starts with a search for a strong concept that leads every design decisions, down to the smallest details.

To deserve the label Dutch Design (with two capital Ds), the design should have a twist, something quirky or ironic. Dutch Design is about experimenting and combining ideas to create new and refreshing solutions.

Tree-trunk Bench by Droog