5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Interaction14 Redux

⁞ Redux events bring Interaction conference talks and ideas back to the local IxDA groups so that the inspiration and knowledge from the conference can reach as many people as possible.

Kevin Gaunt winner of the 2014 IxDA Student Design Challenge

⁞ On Saturday February 8 the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced the winner of the IxDA Student Design Challenge at Interaction14, IxDA’s yearly conference.

Graphic recordings Education Summit

⁞ To expand the discussion about interaction design education beyond the Interaction Design Education Summit held on February 5, MJ Broadbent created graphic recordings during the morning and afternoon plenary sessions.

Closing keynote by Saskia Sassen

⁞ Impressions of Saskia Sassen's closing keynote for Interaction14.

Field report – Saturday afternoon

⁞ Interaction14 field report of Saturday afternoon.

Field report – Saturday morning

⁞ Interaction14 field report of Saturday morning.

Keynote by Gillian Crampton Smith

⁞ [src=”” alt=”The first keynote of the last day of Interaction14. Gillian Crampton Smith raises the question if there is a language of interaction design.”]

Keynote by Daniel Rosenberg

⁞ The second keynote of Day 2, in which Daniel Rosenberg bemoans the de-intellectualization of Interaction Design and proposes three solutions

Field report – Friday afternoon

⁞ Interaction14 field report of Friday afternoon.

Field report – Friday morning

⁞ The second day kicked off with a Mass Yoga Session. Interaction14 field report of Friday morning.

Keynote by Irene Au

⁞ The first keynote of Day 2 by Irene Au about Body Languages of Interaction Design.

Keynote by Scott McCloud

⁞ Impressions of Scott McCloud’s keynote for Interaction14.

Field report – Thursday afternoon

⁞ Interaction14 field report of Thursday afternoon.

Field report – Thursday morning

⁞ Interaction14 field report of Thursday morning.

Opening Keynote by Klaus Krippendorf

⁞ Impressions of Klaus Krippendorff's opening keynote for Interaction14.

The languages of beauty at Interaction14

⁞ First impressions from the Interaction14 workshops and field trip.

2014 Education Summit – Provocations

⁞ Four provocations guided the 2014 Education Summit.

2014 Education Summit – Keynote by Jared Spool

⁞ Storify report on Jared Spool's keynote for the 2014 Interaction Design Education Summit.

Questions for Gillian Crampton Smith

⁞ On Saturday Gillian Crampton Smith opens the last conference day with a keynote titled ‘Is there a Language of Interaction Design‘. We asked her three questions.

Questions for Dan Rosenberg

⁞ Daniel Rosenberg closes Friday with a keynote titled ‘The De-intellectualization of Design‘. We asked him three questions.