5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Friday, February 7


Interactive Installations

Friday 10:30 – 16:00 Transformatorhuis #TH

Interactive Environments

The minor Interactive Environments is a multi-disciplinary course involving design, architecture and engineering students in a semester long exciting ride through the topic of design for ubiquitous computing. The challenge for this year was to design for the Princess Máxima Centre for Child Oncology.

Together with the Delft University of Technology the Princess Máxima Centre has initiated a research project on design innovation for healthcare. Students tackle the question how to improve wellbeing of patients, family and staff by proposing concepts that are developed in a highly iterative design process and presented with experiential full-scale prototypes.



What happens when we add elements of digital gaming to the physical gameplay of skateboarding? Five multidisciplinary teams worked together in Project Ramped to find answers to that question and combine research, design, coding and hardware to develop prototypes. Come and try them out!

Ramped is a collaboration between Rhinofly (Interactive Agency), Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences) and Skatepark Utrecht.

Interactive Environments