5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Saturday, February 8

Interaction béchamel

Saturday 14:00 Westerliefde #WL

Hungry? Cook interaction! A cooking approach and exploration for interaction design.

Hungry? Cook interaction! A food exploration for interaction design.

Eating is a primary human need and one of our own energy source. We have developed tools and techniques to hunt, grow, produce and keep all sorts of food. We have designed countless solutions to cook and present food, make it an interesting activity to renew.

Interaction design is like a problem solving cake with human emotions flavors in it… Let's find out if we can call ourselves Design Chefs or at least be good interaction cooks for people.

Guillaume Berry

Guillaume Berry

About Guillaume: Guillaume likes to call himself a craftsman.

He's a senior designer applying his skills in various roles: graphic, type, visual and interaction design, data visualization, prototyping…

He's local leader for IxDA and Designers Interactifs in Lyon, France.