5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Thursday, February 6

If light could fly

Thursday 11:45 Westerliefde #WL

Smarter cities: Tales from a living lab, re-defining the urban language to create an innovative public lighting experience

This presentation will introduce the topic of interaction design in the context of the city as interface. With reference to an urban re-development program in the Netherlands, a range of interactive installations will be presented to illustrate how a focus on the end-user experience and the application of key experience design principles has been pushing the boundaries of traditional approaches to urban re-development.

Lorna Goulden

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Lorna Goulden

About Lorna: Lorna Goulden is the founder of Creative Innovation Works; a networked innovation consultancy specialized in guiding the transition of emerging technologies into user-focused products, services and interactive experiences. She is also a member of the global Think Tank “Council: The Internet of Things”; a hub for policy debate, practice and implementation of the emerging Internet evolution.

Lorna authored the award winning book: Strijp-S-Creating a Public Lighting Experience, and worked as creative Supervisor to guide the transformation of this vision into an innovative urban lighting development program at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, she is currently creatively directing the implementation of the final interactive projects within this program.

A former creative director and innovation manager at Philips, Lorna has spent over 20 years combining interaction design and creative thinking with technology developments for business innovation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Sheffield University (1992), and a Master’s in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art in London (1994) where she first started to focus on developing a more natural relationship between people, products and spaces.

Since joining Philips Design in Eindhoven in 1994 she worked with Philips Research and Business groups in Europe, Asia and the US, and in 1999 she set up and managed an interactive design team developing an Experience Design approach that evolved into being widely employed across Philips Design. She recently completed a Master’s in Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management (2013), supporting her vision of building a more effective connection between creativity, technology and business development.