5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Friday, February 7


Communicative Surfaces

Friday 11:00 Westerliefde #WL

What kind of effects do interfaces+interactions have to our everyday life, our senses, our behaviour? How can textiles makea change?

As the world of communication is more and more entmaterialized, this talk focuses on haptical and emotional languages of interaction. I´m working with textiles and technology, my special interest is the humans´ relationship to an object and vice versa. What kind of effects do interfaces and interactions have to our everyday life, our senses, our behaviour? We will take a look on exemplary projects and will ask some objects for their very own point of view.

Svenja Keune

Svenja Keune

About Svenja: Within my study of textile design I fell in love with electronics. A new world opened up, opportunities to bring textiles to life, to tell stories, to implement different characters and to communicate. I started to share my passion and my knowledge through workshops and founded the EmotionLab, an interdisziplinary workspace, at my former university. My own projects have been exhibited internationally and won several awards. I got my masters degree in 2012, now continue working on my passion "Communicative Surfaces" to influence how can textiles make a change.