5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Saturday, February 8

You're unique. Just like everybody else. Or how your perspective is limiting your work and hindering your team.

Saturday 11:00 Transformatorhuis #TH

We pride ourselves on being empathetic, but how does our intrinsic understanding of the world work to hinder us?

Individual perspectives can keep us from understanding others. Using gender as a lens, we can uncover fascinating differences in the ways we use language and storytelling to communicate, as well as distinctive modes of approaching technology.

In this talk, learn how understanding different modes of interacting with the world can provide us with a framework to uncover new ideas, better empathize with users, and build stronger relationships between teams at work.

Tash Wong

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Tash Wong

About Tash: Tash Wong is an independent product designer and Chief Coaster Officer of Coastermatic, a friendly Instagram to coaster service. She likes to make things that bring people together in new ways.

Prior to co-founding Coastermatic, Tash spent time creating groundbreaking mobile frameworks for the hospitality industry and product consulting for the New York Times and NY-based tech startups. She holds an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York and lives in San Francisco.