5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Thursday, February 6

Interactive Installations

Thursday 09:30 – 17:30 Gashouder #GH

Student exhibition

HKU Games and Interaction presents innovative entertainment and art projects, and research and design assignments, by students and alumni.

'Modern Technology for Stone Age Minds' - Lilian Bosch

The concept is based on the evolutionary theory that our human bodies and minds take so long to adapt to our environment, that they are still adapted to the stone age.

'Illumotion' — Teun Westenenk

The Illumotion is a lamp that responds to a person's movement. If movements intensify, the lamp will also intensify its color and animations.

'Road to Happiness' — Bianca Zijtsel and others

Experience the obstacles that women in Indonesia have to surmount when trying to find a job, through a virtual reality experience.

'Mind Pixel' — Bob Wiebes and others.

Mind Pixel is an interactive gift toy: a container for memories shared between people that can be unlocked by playing.


Interaction Awards finalists exhibition

27 finalists compete for the 2014 Interaction Awards. The Best in Category, Best Concept, Best Student, Best in Show and the People's Choice will be announced live at the Interaction Awards Celebration on Saturday evening.

Drop by the exhibition to learn how finalists approached and executed their work.