5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Wednesday, February 5

An Introduction to Systems for Interaction Designers

Wednesday 09:30 HKU Hilversum room 3010
Full day workshop by Matthew Milan

If you really want to understand systems beyond talking about iTunes or Facebook, then this workshop is for you.

This workshop is an intensive introduction to the topic and landscape of systems.

The focus will be split between between a survey of systems perspectives and theories, and hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used to evaluate and model systems. The coverage of subject matter will be biased towards perspectives and tools that are directly relevant and applicable to the daily work of practicing interaction designers.

The topics covered in the theory and history of systems will include:

  • General Systems Theory
  • Open, Closed and Isolated Systems
  • Feedback Loops
  • Cybernetics
  • Activity Systems
  • Hard Systems
  • Soft Systems/Social Systems
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Meta-Systems/BioMatrix
  • Designing for Systems in Interaction Design

The tools and techniques covered will include:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Basic Systems Inquiry
  • Modeling Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Advanced Systems Inquiry
  • Designing with Systems in Interaction Design

Where possible, contemporary examples of system types as well as tools and techniques will be used. Audience engagement will be a mix of formal lecture, group dialog and group activity.

Matthew Milan

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Matthew Milan

About Matthew: I'm a designer, entrepreneur and unrepentant skier living in the amazing city of Toronto, Canada.

I have an academic background in environmental planning and information architecture. I spent most of my time in graduate school trying to figure out whether soft systems theory was the coolest thing ever or the craziest thing ever. It's both.

I spent years focused on getting millions of Americans to apply for "just one more" credit card. It was a dirty job, but the lessons were invaluable.

I started a design firm with an economist. We're making it all up as we go along, which is makes us really good at what we do. I love my job and I get to work with incredible people.

I run 60 miles a week. This means I get to spend a ton of time in deep flow states. I do most of my serious thinking work on my feet.

My wife and I have two daughters. We're unschooling geeks. We believe that the greatest gift you can give a child is the passion and confidence to be a life-long learner.

I'm a student of John Boyd and Nigel Cross. My favorite language is LISP, even though it kicks my ass. I think that we should put computers in everything and then forget about them. I thrive on ambiguity and respect chaos. I believe that life has no stopping rule and that everyone should strive to be a wicked problem.