5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Wednesday, February 5

IxDA Local Leader workshop

Wednesday 13:30
Afternoon workshop by IxDA Local and Erik Dahl

Get together with both seasoned and new Local Leaders to discuss strategies for designing a passionate IxDA community in your area.

Are you an IxDA Local Leader or interested in starting an IxDA Local group in your city? If so, come join us at the annual Local Leaders Workshop. Get together with your fellow Local Leaders to discuss strategies for designing a passionate IxDA community in your area.

It is leaders like you who make all the difference for communities and organizations and so this years topic, unsurprisingly, is Leadership. We will get hands-on in working though volunteer leadership topics such as:

  • Creating Passion among group members
  • Building Motivation to be part of the larger community
  • Maintaining Consistency of quality of events and other interactions
  • Developing other leaders

Come prepared with ideas you'd like to share and open for discussion with others. Participate in an enriching workshop around leadership. All in all, the goal is for all us is to understand the challenges of IxDA Local leaders, learn how to overcome them and interact and connect with the other local leaders all over the world.

We will also hear from Erik Dahl as he shares his ideas about leadership. Erik is a Founder and Organizer of MidwestUX Conference, a Local Leader for IxDA Columbus, Ohio and recently joined IxDA's Board of Directors in addition to running and building an interaction design studio.

IxDA Local

From Argentina to Vietnam
IxDA Local

About IxDA: IxDA relies on its passionate members to help serve the needs of the international Interaction Design community. With more than 60,000 members and over 150 local groups around the world, the IxDA network actively focuses on interaction design issues for the practitioner, no matter their level of experience.

Erik Dahl

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Erik Dahl

About Erik: Erik is Principal and Creative Director at Involution Studios in Columbus, Ohio. He works as an interaction designer, experience designer, information architect and design anthropologist.

His anthropology background gives him a prime vantage point for understanding the mental models of users. His love for language, metaphor, and nuance in the context of human experience helps him transform information systems into responsive and adaptive human-centered designs.